About Our Robots & Equipment

Cutting Edge Technology

At Sciphyn, we use the best of cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned human ingenuity to get things done. That means we bring together equipment you couldn’t find anywhere else, along with skilled operators and technicians who can adapt to the unexpected.

Both elements are crucial, as you can’t handle industrial cleaning without the right equipment. Likewise, years of experience have taught us that blueprints and schematics are never 100% accurate; there are always unanticipated obstacles and barriers (such as leftover construction beams) that have to be worked around.

Problem Solving

We deal with these problems by employing the best minds and equipment. Some features of our industrial tank cleaning robots include:

  • Various robot sizes, ranging from 19 inches to 48 inches, constructed with stainless steel to resist corrosion even in caustic or acidic environments.
  • Robots can be configured with brush or steel augers and blades. Attached equipment can spin, agitate, and feed onboard submersible pumps to remove sludge and debris.
  • Sciphyn operators use overlays so to see in all directions and overcome unexpected obstacles or debris.
  • An underwater cable system that utilizes military-grade equipment and has been tested to work reliably at a depth of 100 feet.

Project Footprint

In terms of other equipment, an average project requires space for a 24 foot trailer, space for our proprietary dewatering boxes, and room for generators.  That’s a much smaller footprint than a traditional tank cleaning crew would require, minimizing the disruption to your operations. We typically rely on customer-supplied polymers and cleaning chemicals when needed.

Learn More About Robotic Micro-Dredging 

To learn more about our proprietary equipment and processes, or how we can deploy them to help you save time and money on industrial tank cleaning, contact our team today!

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