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Robot Tank Cleaning for Chemical Production Plants

Chemical facilities have extensive industrial tank cleaning needs, but also have a very high potential for injury and waste because of the specific needs of their operating environments. Water and fluids need to be stored in spaces that are clear of sediment, while toxic or corrosive substances can be prevalent. Robotic micro dredging offers an ideal solution. It allows robots to be put in spaces that would be too tight or dangerous for human divers and cleaners. Additionally, it allows for fluids to remain undisturbed during the process, so both existing chemicals and products (for example, rubber pellets) can remain without having to be lost or replaced.

Robotic Cleaning Benefits

Why Use Robot Tank Cleaning for the Chemical Production Industry

  • Our robots can work in tanks and spaces that would be otherwise hazardous or impossible to reach, including cooling towers, sumps, clarifiers, and retention pumps. We can also evaluate and clean a variety of tanks, including stormwater tanks, firewater tanks, wastewater tanks, and potable water tanks.
  • With attached cameras, our robots can map areas for sediment, debris, and structural integrity. That allows for more reliable quotes and even technical certifications.
  • Robotic cleaning can proceed on a 24 hour per day schedule, without any breaks, even in dangerous conditions. Please note, however, that our robots cannot clean in the presence of explosive chemicals.
  • With existing materials being left undisturbed or recycled, and facilities in full operation, there are no expenses associated with waste for robotic cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning industrial tanks in chemical plants, no one can beat Sciphyn when it comes to safety or efficiency.

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