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Robot Tank Cleaning for Energy Facilities
Energy plants, along with oil and gas operations, have a big need for industrial tank cleaning. That can force operators and managers to make tough choices. They need to remove sediment from inaccessible areas, but don’t want to shut down their facilities or put workers at risk.

At Scantronics, we have found the perfect solution: robotic tank cleaners that can face the toughest environments without any risk or slow downs. It’s the ideal solution for business efficiency and common sense safety concerns.

Robotic Cleaning Benefits

Advantages of Using Robots for Cleaning at your Powerplant or Energy Facility

  • Our robots can work in areas that would be otherwise hazardous or inaccessible, including cooling towers, sumps, clarifiers, and retention pumps. We can also evaluate and clean a variety of tanks, including stormwater tanks, firewater tanks, wastewater tanks, and potable water tanks.
  • By attaching cameras to our robots we can begin new projects by evaluating tanks and submerged spaces to measure sediment, identify debris, and locate any structural issues.
  • Our robots can keep cleaning 24 hours a day. They don’t need to eat or sleep, never slow down, and can work while being exposed to high heat or dangerous chemicals (explosive materials excluded).
  • Because our robots don’t disturb water and can recycle chemicals, there is no need to take any part of your plant or facility offline while cleaning is performed.

If you want the best in safety, efficiency, and cost savings for your energy plant or business, then Sciphyn should be your first choice for industrial tank cleaning.

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