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Robotic Tank Cleaning for Refineries
Modern refineries rely on a range of industrial equipment, including pumps, fluid storage tanks, and enclosed areas that can be affected by sediment buildup. However, these spaces aren’t easily accessed by human divers and the job of cleaning them can be expensive and hazardous.

With our proprietary robotic technology, we can take the waste and liability out of the process. That’s because we use advanced and precise machines to go where workers can’t or shouldn’t. In the process, we save our customers significant amounts of money by avoiding shutdowns and eliminating the need to process wastewater.

Robotic Cleaning Benefits

Why Use Robots for Tank Cleaning in Your Nuclear Power Plant or Energy Facility?

      • Our robots can operate in tight and enclosed spaces, including cooling towers, sumps, clarifiers, and retention pumps. We can also evaluate and clean a variety of tanks, including stormwater tanks, firewater tanks, wastewater tanks, and potable water tanks.
      • Customers can begin work by having tanks and areas mapped for sediment, debris, and structural integrity for accurate quotes and project timelines.
      • Micro dredging projects can be completed on a 24/7 schedule because our robots don’t need breaks. Additionally, they can work in spaces that are tight, submerged, or exposed to dangerous chemicals.
      • Our robots can clean without disturbing the surrounding fluid, making it possible to recycle water and other materials as work commences.

Add it all up and you can see why Sciphyn is the vendor of choice for so many companies and industries. Why risk human lives when robotic tank cleaning can help you improve performance and efficiency at your refinery without taking any equipment or systems off-line?

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Is Robotic Micro Dredging a Good Fit for Your Refinery?

Could we use robotic tank cleaners to make your refinery safer and more efficient?  Contact Scantronics to get the answers you need or obtain a quote for your project.

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