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Robot Tank Cleaning for the Steel Industry
Plant and operations managers involved in steel production face unique environments and demands. They need tanks and work areas to remain clean, but have to deal with the challenges of robust materials and mill scale, not to mention extreme heat.

Scantronics eliminates the need for cranes, vac trucks, and traditional tank cleaning options. Our steel customers appreciate that our robots can work in settings where ambient heat reaches 140°F. That versatility is crucial when maintaining scale pits, flumes, and both contact and non-contact cooling towers.

Micro-Dredging Benefits

Robot Tank Cleaning for the Steel Industry

  • Our robots can work in a variety of spaces and environments, including cooling towers, sumps, clarifiers, and retention pumps. We can also service a variety of tanks, including stormwater tanks, firewater tanks, wastewater tanks, and potable water tanks.
  • Using our proprietary technology, we can help you evaluate a tank or space for layout, structural integrity, and debris placement.
  • Scantronics robots can work 24/7 in otherwise dangerous or challenging environments (including those with high heat or abrasive chemicals) without becoming fatigued or increasing liability.
  • When working with us for robotic tank cleaning you don’t have to take machinery offline, shut down operations, or run cleaning crews around-the-clock. And, there’s no need to change water or drain chemicals from your holding tanks.

When you add all of these benefits up, you have a better, smarter, and more efficient way to keep your plant or facility running.

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