Robotic micro-dredging


Safety in Robotics

Why Robotic Micro-Dredging is Safer

In any area of business or industrial operations, safety should be a top concern. There is no good reason to put lives at risk unless it’s absolutely necessary.

At Sciphyn, we are proud to say we use state-of-the-art robotics to keep men and women out of harm’s way. As any industrial site manager or executive knows, cleaning sediment, sludge, and debris from submerged tanks and structures can be an incredibly dangerous job. Divers lose their lives every year working in tight environments. With our technology there isn’t any need for them to take those risks.

Liability Reduction

Using Robotics to keep workers Safe

In many industries, and especially the oil and gas field, industrial tank cleaning can be an enormous challenge. Not only are divers placed in submerged areas for cleaning, but workers may also be exposed to dangerous chemicals or find themselves in close proximity to hazardous equipment.

Additionally, operators can’t afford to have their plants and equipment sitting idle. Shortening maintenance windows can involve thousands of man hours with crews working 24/7 shifts. In those situations the potential for accidents – including those that lead to injury or expensive damage – increases dramatically.

By contracting robotic micro dredging through Sciphyn, organizations around the world are drastically reducing risks, liabilities, and disruptions during the industrial cleaning process. Not only do we take away the need for human divers, but our technology allows us to clean spaces while they remain in operation. That means there is no need to change normal routines or put workers in stressful or difficult situations.

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Safety is Our Number One Achievement

There are a lot of things the companies we work with love about robotic tank cleaning, including increased efficiency and cost savings. However, we are most proud of the fact that our technology can be used to save lives every year.

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