Robotic micro-dredging

Speed & Efficiency

Micro-Dredging Efficiency

Why Robotic Tank Cleaning is faster and more Efficient

Advanced robotic equipment can be used to clean industrial tanks and spaces more efficiently than live humans by virtually any measurable standard. This can lead to substantial cost savings for the organizations we work with, but also a sense of relief when they realize they can keep their facilities in operation without the kinds of disruptions they’ve come to expect in the past.

Robotic Cleaning Benefits

How Micro-Dredging can save time and stress

Because every customer, project, and situation are different, the efficiency benefits of robotic micro dredging may be experienced differently from one case to the next. However, years of experience have shown us that there are several benefits to using robotic cleaners instead of human divers.

Increased Uptime – your unit or facility doesn’t have to go off-line when you opt for robotic cleaning. Because sediment isn’t ejected into the surrounding water, you can maintain normal operations while our robots do their work.

Consistency – robots don’t get tired, and don’t require breaks or days off. They simply keep working at the same consistent pace, from one hour and day to the next, until the job is done. This can speed the cleaning process up and avoid the need for complicated schedules or project management.

Green Processes – because our robots can be used without harsh and expensive cleaning chemicals, industrial tank cleaning is both more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. For businesses wanting to promote their green credentials using robots instead of chemicals, it can be a big benefit.

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