ROV Visual Inspections

Visual Inspection 

In some situations it may be difficult or impossible for plant managers, engineers, or inspectors to determine conditions like sediment levels or structural integrity in an industrial tank.  This can be a particularly critical issue in underwater spaces that would be dangerous for humans to enter.  

Underwater industrial tank inspections performed by Sciphyn utilize high-performance ROVs to comprehensively evaluate and record the condition of an industrial tank’s underwater structural elements and its related infrastructure, corrosion, and sediment distribution.  Visual inspections include a full written inspection report and video recorded documentation.

underwater inspection blue rov
underwater inspection deep trekker rov

By combining our cooling tower basin sludge removal robots with our underwater inspection ROVs, we are able to remove the sludge from your cooling tower basin and provide a full visual inspection of the floor, walls, pillars and gratings all while the cooling tower remains in full operation – no shutdown and no turnaround. Check out this video to see how it is done. 

We visually inspected the underwater structural integrity and sludge levels in this underground clearwell while it remained online and in-service at a chemical plant in Kentucky. The inspection was completed without confined space entry using our submersible ROVs.

Our Services

sludge removal robot

Robotic Sludge Removal

Our Micro-Dredging sludge removal robots can clean in spaces where human divers can't; including submerged spaces with toxic chemicals or restricted access.  We remove, dewater, and dispose of your sludge while you remain in full operation - no shutdown required. 

underwater inspection

ROV Visual Inspections

With our high-performance ROVs, we comprehensively evaluate and record the underwater structural condition of a tank or basin to evaluate structural integrity, corrosion, and sediment distribution. Our visual inspections include a full written report and recorded video documentation.

sludge mapping

Sludge Mapping

Using robots and sonar, we provide a detailed 3D map showing sludge and sediment distribution throughout your tank, pond or basin and a comprehensive report outlining all of the collected data. All of this can be done without shutting down.

robotic tank inspection

Ultrasonic Thickness Data Collection

By combining our Micro-Dredging sludge removal services, ROV visual inspection, and U/T data collection capabilities, we provide all of the information an inspector will need for certain NFPA and API inspection standards without having to take the tank out of service.

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