Robotic Sludge Removal


Underwater sludge removal solution that keeps facilities in full operation.

What is Micro-Dredging?


[mIE-kroh drEj]

verb, dredged, dredg-ing

1.  The use of robotic technology to remove sludge from tanks, ponds, and basins without taking them out of service. 

Robotic Sludge Removal

Our robots can clean in spaces where human divers can’t, including submerged spaces with toxic chemicals or restricted access. Not only can our customizable machines fit a variety of environments using various augers, pumps, and track configurations, but they can remediate wastewater back into your tank through a closed loop. The result is a safe and efficient solution that saves time, reduces liability, and allows you to perform necessary maintenance without taking plants or equipment offline. 

Micro-Dredging Advantages

When you work with us for your sludge removal needs, your company can:

  • Keep your facility running at normal capacity while our machines work 24/7 in the background
  • Eliminate the risk to human life associated with traditional sludge removal methods along with the substantial liability expenses
  • Avoid the need for additional crews, shifts, and overtime scheduling that add to your budget and increase the odds of worksite accidents
  • Preserve costly chemicals and water by having them recycled during the cleaning process
sludge removal robot

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Robotic micro-dredging sludge removal is transforming the sludge removal industry. We have the proprietary technology that’s fueling a safer, more efficient future. Contact Sciphyn today.

Cooling Towers

Our robots can remove the sludge from your cooling tower basin while it remains in full operation. Avoid the turnaround! Or, let us remove the sludge BEFORE your planned turnaround to shorten the length of your downtime.

Cleaning your cooling tower basin regularly helps prevent the fouling of cooling tower fill and heat exchangers which improves operating efficiency. 

robotic sludge removal from a cooling tower basin
robotic sludge removal from an industrial tank


There is no need to shut down and drain your tank or to send people into a confined space. Our robots can deploy into the tank through as small as a 24-inch round hatch, remove the sludge, and return the filtered water or chemicals.

Complete your API or NFPA inspection without taking the tank out of service. We can clear the sludge from the floor of the tank and then take the ultrasonic thickness readings of the floor without shutting down. 

Ponds and Basins

From sump pits to wastewater aeration basins to multi-acre reservoirs, no project is too small or too big. 

We provide a turnkey solution including the sludge removal, on-site dewatering, and disposal.

robotic sludge removal from a pond or basin

We cleaned this demineralized water clearwell basin with our robots while it remained in full operation. There was no need to take it offline, drain it, or send people inside. The clearwell had 3 feet of mud and it took 10 days to complete.

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