Industries Served

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Robotic Sludge Removal

Sciphyn’s advanced robotics can be used to increase safety and efficiency in virtually any industry or sludge removal project. On this page, you’ll find information about some of the client types we serve frequently.  However, for specific questions about your site, facility, or industrial sludge removal project, contact us for additional information or a quote.

Industries Served

Steel – steel producers require the use of heat, chemicals, and a number of tanks that may need to be analyzed and cleaned.

Nuclear Power – safety is an obvious concern with nuclear power, making it perfect for robotic cleaning.

Energy – energy producers (including power plants and oil and gas operations) can use robotic cleaning to improve efficiency.

Chemical Plants – our robots can clean where human divers can’t and can preserve and recycle valuable chemicals.

Refineries – refineries often rely on storage tanks and other equipment that would be dangerous for humans but not robots.

Paper and Pulp – paper and pulp producers can use robotic tank cleaning to keep their facilities moving during routine maintenance.

Food Processing – our robots can clean tight spaces and tanks, even when chemicals or other hazards are present.

Auto Manufacturing – auto manufacturers use large amounts of water and chemicals in tanks that need regular cleaning.

Retail Distribution – we use robots to clean fire tanks and other spaces that are necessary for distribution centers.

Defense – more and more Department of Defense officials are turning to us for fast and efficient work in dangerous spaces.

Municipalities – we can help municipalities keep water tanks and other structures free of sediment without endangering human lives.

Wastewater Treatment – our robots can solve your capacity issues without shutdown or bypass.

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Because we use proprietary robotic technology, the Sciphyn team of engineers is always finding new uses for our services. If you want to learn more, or find out how we can use robots to remove sludge for your organization, contact us today.

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