Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment 

Robotic Waste Water Sludge Removal 

Lack of capacity is a common issue faced by many wastewater treatment facilities, especially in the municipal space. Utilizing our robots, we are able to remove the sludge from your aeration basin, clarifier, or pond without bypass and without taking it out of service. We offer a truly turn-key solution providing the sludge removal, on-site dewatering, and disposal while your facility continues running.

Our robots are deployed into your basin while it is running. Our robots drive along the floor removing the sludge which is then dewatered on-site prior to disposal. By avoiding the shutdown or bypass of your normal operations, our method can result in significant cost savings.

Aeration Basin 8 Feet of Sludge
WWTP Sludge Removal Robot in Sludge
Wastewater Sludge in Drying Beds
Waste water sludge removal does not have to include shutting down or bypassing normal operations. Take a look at this video to see how we removed over 2,800 cubic yards of wet sludge from this WWTP aeration basin while it remained in full operation.
Project Summary

Wet In-Place Sludge: 2,866 cubic yards

Dry Sludge Removed: 900 cubic yards / 555 tons

Project Duration: 3 months

Days Plant Shut Down: ZERO

Confined Space Entries: ZERO


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