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Robotic Inspection and Sludge Removal for Data Center Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

Most data centers use thermal energy storage tanks or chilled water storage tanks as an integral part of their cooling system. Over time, sediment buildup can negatively impact the operating efficiency of the cooling system. Using our robotic technology, we can perform internal visual inspections of the thermal energy storage tanks without shutting them down or draining them. This allows data centers to observe the structural integrity of all internal structure and determine the whether there is a buildup of sediment in the tank. In many cases, we can also use our robotic sludge removal technology to remove the sediment from all or at least the accessible portions of the floor of the tank without a costly shut down. 

We used our submersible ROVs to visually inspect the inside of this thermal energy storage tank while it remained in full operation. No shutdown was required. The data center was able observe all internal structures and diffusers as well as see how much sediment buildup there was on the floor of the tank.

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