What Happened to Scantron Robotics USA, Inc.?

If you knew us as Scantron Robotics USA Inc. don’t worry, its still us!  We decided to shift our branding to something we felt would better align with our identity.  The transition from Scantron to Sciphyn is one that will occur over a period of time so, you may notice some of our marketing materials still showing the Scantron Robotics USA, Inc. branding.  We’re working as quickly as possible to update our materials to reduce confusion.  

We hope you love our new name and look as much as we do!  We are excited to continue servicing you in the future as Sciphyn, Inc.  

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Our Services


Our robots can clean in spaces where human divers can’t; including submerged spaces with toxic chemicals or restricted access.  Not only can our customizable machines fit a variety of environments using various augers, pumps, and trak configurations, but they can remediate the water back into your tank through a closed loop.  


In some situations it may be difficult or impossible for plant managers, engineers, or inspectors to determine things like sediment levels or structural integrity in an industrial tank.  This can be a particularly big issue with submerged spaces that would be dangerous for humans to enter. 


We are experts in keeping our customers in full operation.  Our innovative technology and underwater expertise has allowed us to solve various problems for our customers without taking their tank out of service. 


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