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Robot Tank Cleaning for Retail Distribution Centers

Retail spaces, warehouses, and distribution centers all rely on tanks and towers to maintain operations and climate control. Cooling towers are a fixture in virtually any large space, for example, and can need regular maintenance and cleaning. Unfortunately, removing sediment from these spaces can be a dangerous undertaking.

Rather than risk human lives for industrial tank cleaning, Scantronics uses advanced robotics to eliminate risks and increase efficiency for these types of projects. This technology can change your operations, and your bottom line, in a number of significant ways.

Robotic Cleaning Benefits

Why Use Robot Tank and Tower Cleaning for the Retail Distributors

  • Our robots can work easily in areas that are difficult for humans to maintain. These include cooling towers, sumps, clarifiers, and retention pumps. We can also evaluate and clean a variety of tanks, such as stormwater tanks, firewater tanks, wastewater tanks, and potable water tanks.
  • Camera attachments are available to map in close spaces, check sediment levels, and evaluate the structural integrity of a tank or space.
  • We make industrial tank cleaning safer and more efficient. Our robots have the ability to work 24/7 without rest or fatigue. In fact, because they don’t disturb surrounding fluids, your distribution center can continue normal operations while we clean.
  • Our robots aren’t susceptible to high heat or toxic chemicals. That means you won’t have to drain or empty your tank before work begins, and there is no need to waste valuable chemicals or additives.

If you have been looking for a safe and efficient alternative to traditional industrial tank and tower cleaning, Sciphyn has the answer.

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