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Robotic Micro-Dredging

What is Robotic Micro-Dredging

At Scantron, we have pioneered the field of robotic micro dredging. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard that term before – before working with us most of our clients hadn’t, either. That’s because it’s a rapidly-growing field that we practically invented from the ground up.

In simple terms, robotic micro dredging just means cleaning industrial tanks, containers, and spaces using machines. You could think of our robots like larger and sturdier versions of pool cleaners. Once they have been lowered into a space, they can remove sludge and other debris. Then, using a proprietary filtering system, they send the water back out without contaminating the surrounding space.

This innovative process represents a blend of cutting-edge technology and industrial know how. Even better, it offers significant advantages over traditional tank cleaning methods.

Robotic Cleaning Benefits

Why Use Robots to Clean Tanks

Businesses around the globe are realizing the many substantial benefits of using robots to clean industrial tanks, including:

Safety – robots can be operated in tight spaces and dangerous environments without risking the lives of human divers.

Efficiency – micro dredging robots can be operated without shutting down facilities.

Savings – in many situations it can be far more cost-effective to use robotic micro dredging than traditional tank cleaning methods.


Could Robotic Micro-Dredging be what your business needs?

While this page is meant to provide you with a quick introduction to robotic micro dredging, you can explore our site further to learn about our robots, see why our services are safer, or find details about efficiency and cost savings.

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Our robots can clean in spaces where human divers can’t; including submerged spaces with toxic chemicals or restricted access.  Not only can our customizable machines fit a variety of environments using various augers, pumps, and trak configurations, but they can remediate the water back into your tank through a closed loop.  


In some situations it may be difficult or impossible for plant managers, engineers, or inspectors to determine things like sediment levels or structural integrity in an industrial tank.  This can be a particularly big issue with submerged spaces that would be dangerous for humans to enter. 


We are experts in keeping our customers in full operation.  Our innovative technology and underwater expertise has allowed us to solve various problems for our customers without taking their tank out of service. 

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