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Saving with Robotics

Robotic Micro-Dredging Saves Money

Sciphyn customers love that our robots can save lives and help them to operate more efficiently, but at the end of the day industrial executives and site managers need to keep an eye on the bottom line. Fortunately, robotic micro dredging can be a very cost-effective alternative to using teams of human divers.

As with efficiency, there are several reasons you can save money for your company by using robots instead of live cleaning teams. The specific costs will of course depend a great deal on your project and operating environment.

Cost-Cutting Technology

Cost Savings Associated with Robotic Micro-Dredging

Generally speaking, the major savings associated with robotic tank cleaning fall into a few related categories:

No Loss of Productivity – for many of the companies we serve, taking a tank or facility offline can cost millions of dollars per day. By cleaning equipment while it’s in operation (and without affecting water quality) we remove one of their biggest bottom-line concerns.

Insurance and Liability Savings – hiring divers to clean industrial tanks means bringing in life-support equipment, staffing a three-man rescue team, and paying the big insurance premiums that come with placing a human in a confined space with limited air. These costs don’t have to be paid for robotic micro dredging.

No Expensive Disruptions – even after a costly and time-consuming planning process, traditional tank cleaning can result in injuries, equipment damage, and substantial overtime costs that can stretch into millions of dollars. Our robots do their work safely and efficiently without any of these problems.

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How Much Could Your Business Save With Robotic Tank Cleaning?

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