One question we commonly hear from new potential clients has to do with the industries we serve. These kinds of inquiries usually come up when an engineer or executive is impressed with our technology and the inherent abilities, but wants to know how it applies to the equipment or challenges they happen to be dealing with.

There are any number of ways to answer these questions, of course, but given that they are so common we thought we would outline a few things we want prospective clients to understand that that that

Our Robots are Incredibly Versatile

At Sciphyn, we have used proprietary and cutting-edge technology to develop a number of different robot types and sizes. Furthermore, each can be equipped with an array of cameras, augers, blades, and other equipment to meet the specific needs of a project.

Not only can our robots be adapted to various sizes and sediment types, but they are able to operate in lots of different environments. These include tight spaces, areas with debris, and containers that are exposed to high heat or corrosive chemicals.

In other words, no matter what kind of tank or tower you have, there is a good chance our robots can clean it.

We’re Already Working Around the World

Sciphyn is already at work changing industries and saving lives around the globe. To date we have served steel mills, nuclear power plants, oil and gas operations, and energy facilities. Our robots have inspected and cleaned spaces and chemical plants, refineries, paper and pulp mills, and even food processing facilities. Our technology has helped auto manufacturers and retail distributors, not to mention local municipalities. We’ve even been called in to help at Department of Defense locations.

To get a sense of the work we’ve done – and why our clients turned to us for safety and efficiency – talk to a member of our team and asked to see some recent case studies. Or, check out our media page to see our robots in action.

Our Engineers and Designers are Busy

Even more exciting than the current applications for our robotic technology are the possibilities still being uncovered. Our design and development team is always looking for new ways to expand, particularly in situations where it’s dangerous, expensive, or time-consuming to use human crews.

That means we may be able to help you and your organization even if the industry you work in isn’t currently listed on our website. In fact, we encourage you to contact us and discuss your situation if you have any doubts.

Get the Customized Answers and Info You Need

Our use of technology is important, but so is our focus on service. Our company keeps growing by leaps and bounds because we make a point of working with each client one-on-one and providing straightforward answers.

To learn more about our robots, or to see how we can apply this technology to your situation and make your facility more efficient while saving lives, contact Sciphyn today!